Code of Ethics


Something serious that we respect for the good of our community!


You are a member and you respect our CODE OF ETHICS but do your tenants respect your neighbourhood?

Here are some simple instructions to post in a place visible to your tenants:

To ensure you have a wonderful vacation, it is important to follow these few guidelines from GOOD NEIGHBOURING:

  • Avoid playing music or the radio on the dock or at the water’s edge or keep the volume low as sound travels easily over the water.
  • If you are having a party remember that others are here to rest in peace so it would be wise to TELL your neighbours beforehand.
  • When you are on the water everyone can hear you! Avoid staying in one place.
  • On the water, stay AWAY from docks and shorelines to AVOID soil erosion.
  • AVOID areas marked with an orange (DANGER) or yellow (water milfoil) buoy.
  • SLOW DOWN when you see a white vertical buoy.
  • If you are on Newton Bay, go have fun on the big lake as much as possible. This is to avoid accidents with swimmers or canoeists.


This CODE shows our willingness as members of the  Association to protect our natural environment and promote understanding between all members such as:

  • Respect toward the natural environment
  • Mutual respect and cooperation between all of the lake’s users
  • Respect with regards to the diversity of the nautical activities safely practised here

You are asked to explain the content of our CODE OF ETHICS to everyone: family, tenant or visitor to your property.

1st principle: Navigation


They erode the banks (loss of land), stir up sediments, activate the growth of aquatic plants, damage the docks and can contribute to accidents (kayaks, canoes and swimmers).

As a member, I respect these guidelines:

  1. If you own a boat, learn to operate it properly, respect other bay owners, canoeists, paddle boarders, kayakers, floaters and fishermen.
  2. Keep your distance from properties that have signs: NO WAKE (EROSION).
  3. In Newton Bay, ask your visitors or those who rent from you to go on the big lake for water sports on weekends and especially when there is a lot of traffic in Newton Bay in order to preserve the tranquility of the bay for others.
  4. Navigate slowly (5 km / h) when you are 50 meters or less from the shore, near a white buoy or in one of the “channels” of Newton Bay.
  5. Give priority to swimmers and non-motorized vehicles. Therefore, an operator of a motorized vessel should always maneuver in a respectful manner, he does not have right of way.
  6. Swimmers are responsible for clearly indicating their presence.
  7. Rafts must be safely installed within the 50-meter bank limit.
  8. Avoid the areas indicated by the red (danger) and yellow (invasive plants) buoys.
  9. Make sure all users have life jackets, even if they can swim around the dock and / or boats. Wear them!

2nd principle : Sound Levels

On the water, sounds and noises carry much further than in urban areas.

Everyone is therefore invited to take this into account in their activities, especially during the months of July and August.

  1. Boats and motorized recreational vehicles must be equipped with a silencer in good condition.
  2. The untimely driving of all-terrain vehicles close to your neighbours (acceleration, repetitive round trips, races, etc.) or on the water (tight turns, wave jumps, acrobatics, etc.) is a source of noise for several members. . BE UNDERSTANDING!
  3. The sound level of any sound system should be adjusted so as not to inconvenience people around.
  4. In order to promote harmonious coexistence, we suggest that you limit noisy activities (cutting grass, chainsaw, minor renovations, etc.) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., especially on weekends.

3rd principle : Respect of Environmental Rules

In order to make the most of our property, it is essential to respect certain regulations:

  1. Septic systems should be drained and inspected every four years for seasonal cottages and every two years for residents. These systems must be installed more than 30 meters from the maximum height of the water level of the lake.
  2. Prohibition to cut the grass or deforest in the 15-meter zone of the shoreline (from the maximum height of the water level) except one corridor towards the lake. A binding agreement will have to be negotiated with the former residents (those who are built within this limit) and the new residents (who apply the new by-law) in agreement with the municipality as well as the COBALI organization.
  3. To prevent the growth of aquatic plants, do not use any form of fertilizer (even organic) within 100 meters of the riparian strip (shoreline).
  4. The spreading of pesticides is prohibited in all the municipalities.
  5. The use of soaps and cleaners with phosphates is prohibited in all the municipalities.
  6. Do not fill your garbage bags with recyclable products. Use small blue or transparent bags to indicate to the garbage collectors your recovery bags and thus help the municipality to reach its recovery quota;
  7. Always clean your boat if you have used it in another body of water so as not to contaminate our lake with invasive plants (water milfoil) or other parasites.
  8. The lake and its shores are not garbage cans for throwing: plastic wrappers or wrappers, food containers, juice boxes, straws, used fishing line, old camp grills, beer and soft drink cans, etc. . Take it in a bag with you!
  9. Obey municipal and provincial fire bans. This also applies to fireworks, campfires, stoves, lanterns, etc. that could easily get out of hand.
  10. Do not make fires on the shore or the riparian strip because ashes are the fertilizer of choice for aquatic plants.

4th principle : Good Neighbouring and mutual aid 

  1. Voluntary participation in chores organized by our association in order to make our environment safer and more pleasant to live in.
  2. Participation in the surveillance of our environment. It is important that each member is solitary of his neighbour in order to avoid theft or vandalism. A few tips: 1) Memorize your neighbours’ car brands and also exchange your telephone numbers 2) Have paper and pencil in your car available in order to write down a suspicious registration number or other information 3) Enter the vehicle numbers emergency telephone: SQ: 310-4141, SOS Poaching: 1-800-463-2191, Urgence-Environnement: 1-866-283-2333, SOPFEU (forest fire): 1-800-463-3389 and that of your municipality. 4) Always be vigilant in front of suspicious situations during the hunting season and outside the tourist season.
  3. All domestic animals must remain on your property and must not pose a threat to your neighbour;
  4. If you are a fisherman, keep your distance from the shores of your neighbours property in order to respect their privacy.
  5. Always notify your immediate neighbours if you plan to have major renovations or large parties.
  6. Avoid over-lighting your property in order to allow your neighbours to enjoy a starry sky.
  7. If you are renting a cottage or country house, please let your guests know (with a simple reminder sign at the main door) if they are doing any water sports in the Newton Bay area to respect the neighbourhood and go towards the big lake.

If you want to print our Code of Ethics: OUR CODE OF ETHICS